Weekly Blog #6

I was watching youtube videos and at the end of the video, the youtuber was showing this website Lynda.com which shows different kinds of tutorials and training of animation, design, etc. I feel this site would help me a lot more when I have more time but I would definitely keep this page in check.



Weekly Blog #4

This week I’ve been working on a story that I can use for a storyboard. Also unfortunately, my computer was affected by a virus and couldn’t get as much progress as I wanted at home. Though this video showed me that the storyboard doesn’t need to be detailed as much and just shows a general idea of what you want. Also an Anime Studio Tutorial but mainly used this for a storyboard help.


Weekly Blog #3

I’ve been looking for some books that can help with animation, and I’ve come across the Animation Survival Kit. It’s said to help you with animation and I’ve been looking through it a bit and it’s also considered really good. I plan to read it more when I have time.


My idea was to a stick figure do different kinds of actions like swinging a sword, jumping, walking, etc. It would last for a bit just showing different kinds of motions  being about 30 seconds. The stick figure would be doing multiple actions and another figure could appear and they would start their climactic battle

Weekly Post #2

As I’m writing this blog, I’m still not too sure on what I should have for an idea. Though I think since this is just me starting off on animation, I should work on stick figures, with ideas I can add on later. Also seeing these tutorials helped me learn even if it’s an old flash version and I think outdated. The tutorials including 15 parts